Cover of track BR4L Featuring EliaTrix & Flying Baby Seal by righteous_indignation
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righteous_indignation, BR4L Featuring EliaTrix & Flying Baby Seal


I love rippin' thrash metal, "Toxic Waltz" by Exodus is probably my all time favorite song by one of my most beloved bands, as an example. I love brutal, distorted overextended bass riffs that seem to drone forever but never tire of hearing. This is the first metal track I've laid down and I couldn't have done this without the outstanding sounds placed in AT for my use by the artists that put forth that effort. I'm so grateful you guys/gals are here for me to borrow from. All of you and audiotool are a testament to freedom of expression, art, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Happy 4th of July and Rock on!

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