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  • this is so good

  • the melody is so addicting

  • damn!

  • The sub in this is still to die for!

  • Got to re-fav again cuz this is still stuck in my head, u make medicine for my ears haha

  • Re-faving this, one of the coolest dance tracks on here

  • these aren't just regular bubbles your using, are they.

  • God this is good haha im half jealous half in awe of the bass

  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you might know your song Unison is my favorite remix of all time pretty much. This has topped it!!!!! You get a follow this time!!

  • Amazing stuff! I wish I heard this earlier!

  • noice

  • GEEZ!!!! i haven't listened to this for a while....... my god this is probably one of the nicest dnb tracks on here... really full track, fatter than, id say, 90% of the dnb on AT :D

  • btf

  • excellent work! That buildup to 1.19 was perfect.

  • Nice bass