Unknown man: “man, i've done nothin but eat salsa all goddamn day. Why the fuck salsa so inexpensive?”

I don't want to know your name

You walk on me like its a game

I think i might wanna leave this place

You lie to me right to my face

Who the fuck are you and what are you doing here

This is a private room this is a private room

How’d you even get here, when can you leave

I try to cover up it but its on my sleeve

My heart is visible from the outside, stop staring

I need you close or i might just go crazy, stop caring

You got me feelin fucked, but in a good way

Lets get a bite to eat, not subway

Subway bad they got bad bread and i don't like it

Only one thats kinda good is italian herbs and cheese

Don't catch me eating no fuckin whole grain flatbread

Tldr subway bad suck on deez

I entered the hyperbolic chamber yesterday

I now i feel stronger than i did yesterday

Find me lifting up cars and eating salsa like the hulk

I still eat cilantro even tho it taste like soap

disclaimer: there was absolutely no thought put towards these lyrics.

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