I aimed for dub techno... I think I missed :P As always I'd love to hear any comments or criticisms :)

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  • w04h

  • Coolest track I've heard of yours. Great vibes, synths and melodies.

  • Is that a tangerine or something?

  • cool nice deep sound!!!

  • vry cool!!

  • It's got some really interesting things going on in the background, with the rain/noise, soothing and subtle stabs, nice deep pad and bass. It really creates a nice atmosphere and depth.!

  • wow wow wow, sick dubby track! All , from kick to synth , was just waiting for you to make that track. Reaaaaaalllllly good

  • Lovely

  • Thank you man, that really means a lot :) Still, I got a favourite from André Michelle so I'm happy :)

  • I think this should have been in the dub compilation. Seriously so good.

  • beautiful synthwork here

  • The beat is sick It is cool! :)

  • awesome kick.. my sub is enjoying! fantastic song

  • Grande!