Just taking a trip down Cherry Blossom Road... Care to join me ? Tell me what you think and and enjoy the music.

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  • throwback

  • This track has great imagery. Despite the fact that it's an instrumental

  • kek

  • Refav. Addicted to those strings.

  • it sounds like something Blu would rap over

    absolutely beautiful nice job

  • w00t

  • Love these strings so much, sounds like Nujabes and Samurai Champloo soundtrack. Amazing

  • Best song of yours. You should make more songs like this. These melodies are beautiful.

  • im gonna make a rap to this beat

  • This is gold.

  • I like the way it has been arranged, it sounds just like it should, and probably just as they intended. I also like the drums, nothing wring there, the one thing I would add is some bass, be it a simple sine or a reese.

  • The samples are pretty shrill and disjointed. I see what you were going for with your sample choice, but it just comes across as jarring. The timbre of the percussion is really flat. It's pretty much just a two beat pattern when your sample choice calls for at least four. The jangling sounds need more dispersion (they just become white noise if they aren't spaced rhythmically). The abrupt cuts are, well, too abrupt. I see what you were going for, but it just isn't executed quite right.

  • refavvvvvvvvvv :)

  • So imaginary. A fresh blend of classical and hip hop. Love it!