Believe it or not, this is 180BPM. I like this track a lot. It's pretty basic, but it turned out well.

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  • @Original , i love how they don't block it here. I'm at school now as well.

  • i do the same torn i get on audiotool in school. lol

  • Oh this is good M8 1 more good tune for us audio Junkies :)

  • Yeah torn never really works at work This sucks because he is the Secretary of the World treasury and thats why the Wold economy sucks right now because tornsage wont stop listening and supporting us long enough to Hit the Fix button on his Problems desk

  • it did turn out well - heard this at work today good :)

  • You could keep the ride and just add an open hat sometimes. One more layer to it wouldn't hurt. Overall nice sound you got with this one.

  • Cool beat!! I would love to hear some hat sounds in it though.

  • This is really good, nice sounds in this although it get's a bit repetitive (maybe you could put a lead part in at some point). Really nice sounds though.