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I'm a beginner to audiotool and I'm interested in making dubstep, trance, or chill out music.
Name - Matthew
Age - 15
Inspirations - Skrillex , Nero, Flight Facilities, Deadmau5, Infyuthsion, Astrum, Uprising, Tornsage, Rusko, Skream, Sub focus,
Goal -
1. At least 50 Followers - THERE! :)
2. At least 100 followers - Almost there!!@#!@#
3. One Featured Track - not there
(link is only visible to registered users) inspired me to make music on audiotool, please check out his channel
Feel Free to drop a comment or favorite
I haven't been able to master or add on to my drafts lately i've been to busy in school, sorry for not being to active i'll try to publish another song this weekend 1/27/12
Working on a new song kinda trancey/dubstep intro look out for it soon!

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