Cover of track (ClOsInG nUmBeR [ft.Oddity]) by Black Magneto (FL)
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Black Magneto (FL), (ClOsInG nUmBeR [ft.Oddity])


This album has gone on long enough...between my mid-tape crisis and the unfinished tracks that clearly no one other than Breezy wants to help me out on, i'll just drop it now. I don't care if it charts or not anymore and I don't care if it's not finished. This will also be the conlclusion to the Kaptain Kanvas series too, so no more black and white anime covers, either (unless it's an unfinished track that eventually got done, which at this point probably won't happen). As each day goes by my drafts expand more and more and I care less and less and frankly I just want to move on. So yeah, shoutout to Oddity for helping me with this track (btw he was the one who came with the chops this time around).

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