So i wanted to learn how to make Electro/Complextro hmmmm so i went to the best :) "Syntax"

most of the sounds created were in fact made by Syntax however i took a nice template she made for me and turned it into something Horrible i mean i guess this doesnt sound to bad but hey iv been learning strickly nothing but dubstep in the short time iv been on here and i wanna learn something else and although this may have certain qualities that it takes to make complextro i think i bombed on this haha but truthfully i dont care sounds good to me..... if you dont like it dont be ashamed to tell me and i do realize alot of ppl are not for the whole 8-bit sound and thats ok you dont have to like everything i publish.... and this is going back to the fact that when i did start on AT it was not meant to gain friends for that matter i didnt even know there was a community and at this point if the community doesnt like the fact i put out some not so good tracks then suck it im learning! at least im trying

and again thank you Syntax for taking the time to make a template for me inbetween your game play :)

please i would like to make more complextro so let me know what to work on!!!

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  • I love 8 bit

  • some very strong passages in this track like it a lot :)

  • :D made my wife ask what the hell i was listening to over here XD good times

  • Pretty Cool track Man. I don't like it as much as some of your other stuff but Its pretty good for just starting.

  • veryyy nice :)

  • always had a problem with it D:

  • nice :D still trying to figure out dub... lol

  • So excited for your next one. ^-^

  • thank you coma publishing a new COMPLEXTRO right now lol what a funny name complextro

  • Thats cool as f$%& bro!!

    Im scared to open it up its sounds so bad ass i want to know what the hell is going on i there, real good Complextro bro, top notch!!!

  • thanks Loco about to publish a better one i think here in just a few ;)

  • really good

  • cool :)