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I'm french.I discovered making music on audiotool.
I listen all music style and audiotool radio.
I'm fan of Cripta's music.
I make music for fun and I try to progress as i can so any advices are welcome :).
Visiting Grotzo page I realize that I never thanks André Michelle and is staff but it is never too late lol so a very special thank to them. When i discovered audiotool i did'nt know anything about music and now i spend most of my free time on audiotool :D .
Thanks visiting and have fun.
My top playlist :
- the tower ( Blackvision remix) [ @Darkwill ]
-http://www.audiotool.com/track/do_not_change_nothing/ [ @Grotzo ]
- Bullshit [ @cripta ]
- Envisage (Feat. ZOD4X) [ @CallyKay ]
- Death [ @Karl Vegas, Uprising, Skyvoicer ]
-http://www.audiotool.com/track/loco_motive/ [ @Rabbit1982 ]
- Seeking Rational Subsistence [ @arche3.0 ]
- Break III [ @Julsy ]
- Ninjitsu [ @E I D Ø L O N ]
- Channel23 (dub) [ @heliotrope ]
Remix contest winner : @ollie
Very favorite of moment :
Firefighter helmet
Halo 4-117 (CallyKay Remix)
Collab with Snaky : @SmiKy
with Dj FredD : @FredDSmile
Chat fr :http://us5.chatzy.com/34305397825198 par @Ʌlchemist

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