Cover of track Congrats on 50! (Remix Comp) by Acrylic
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Acrylic, Congrats on 50! (Remix Comp)


Lol done in 20 mins

Omg, i am on 50 followers! well, now it's time for a new rmx comp. The rules are:

1. You must add at least 1 synth to the mix

2. You can use 3 loops as many times as you want.

3. must be at least the 2 and a half minute long

4. You CAN have a team, and work together.

5. It must contain a drop or a main part

6. Have fun (or as we say in the world of games: gl&hf {good luck, and have fun})

This track is acctouly named "Galactic Hell"

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