Contemporary is one of my new favorits. I've used a lot of time on this track. Not only with making it sounds great, but also with testing/failuring and projecting of different tools and limitation. This includes Heisenberg, Machiniste, Pulv and Beatbox 8.

I'm still not a "pro" in audiotool, but I'm working on it, step by step. And in the end... Who knows?


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    Thanks for the comment Neutron Discharge. Well the only thing that is sampled is a little bit of the piano synth and vocal (because I can't sing, even with auto-tune). But the rest is made by me.

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    i have no idea how much of this is sampled, but im drunk and i had my arms in the air for the last 4 minutes

    ppl dont make lifters any more, im going to make one soon