reminds me of copy. thats why i named it that.

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  • Great Chord structure May need to work on your sound design a bit for a more polished sound but we can hook up on that and we can go over a few things on that aspect one day when i have some time :)

  • thanks :D

  • cool dude nice work

  • haha thanks I would have to say if anything my specialty is drum beats.

  • yeah I see where your coming from I tried to fix it but I guess I just wasn't sure how to this was my first real track.

  • the drums in this are amazing

  • Thats cool man ! maybe the synths you use between 0.45 and 1.00 are to much on the same frequency ... so its hard to say witch is witch ! you could change it using a slope effect of whatever you want

  • Republished

    feel free to take and do something with it,