Cover of track Cosmonaut (Up on Vesper!) by Gray Out
  • about 9 months ago
  • 2697
  • 150
  • 119

Gray Out, Cosmonaut (Up on Vesper!)

  • rock
  • xom
  • space
  • gray
  • atmospheric
  • electro
  • melodic

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This was so fun to work on, xom inspired me a lot with the start of the draft. I really like what came from it.


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    xom about 9 months ago

    lol why is "rock" in the tags

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    Ari. about 2 months ago

    vip in next?

    • User Avatar

      Gray Out about 2 months ago

      good idea tbh, not sure what i'd change but i'll be thinking about it :)

  • User Avatar

    heisten about 2 months ago

    Holy fuck why did I never fav this

  • User Avatar

    DreamWeaver about 3 months ago

    i sinned largely by not faving this before

  • User Avatar

    Nvmbrr〚gb〛 about 4 months ago

    Refav for the beauty <3