he's gone so nobody can stop them

he's dealing with his own voices in his head at the hospital

but now that he's gone the voices in my head are getting to me too

he was the reason i felt emotions

love, hate, joy, pain

he was the reason i wanted to live

but he said "i'm too much of a mess, let's just be friends"

now i don't want to live

but i don't want to completely die either

i want to be a ghost so I can die and make sure he's happy at the hospital

I can't talk to him until three months from now

the only one I can talk to is myself nowadays

and the internet too

why is it that all talented people have to go crazy before they begin to self-reflect

that's me in the red shirt

that's him in the bottom right corner

back when we were a boy and a girl hopelessly in love and not a boy and a boy hopelessly afraid of ourselves

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    The Blue Guy

    about 1 year ago

    Damn bro, those beats were sick! Are you going to use them in a song later on?