A brief history of the remix:

Hearing this track for the 1st time gave me some inspiration to recreate its climate, but in lo-fi style. By adding multiple improvements, I created this chill, ambient-themed beat.

What are your thoughts?

Remember to #stayathome .



- original track by: Ex Pereemental

- original cover by: Ex Pereemental

- edited cover by: me (NYL)


This remix is the 2nd of five tracks from the 'Industrial Potential - Ex Pereemental x NYL' album.

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    2 weeks ago

    Like that "dry" kick and the contrast in the positive "flute" synthpad and the roaring lower deep sound. Cool, gonna listen toto the original now:)

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    White Coa Roo

    about 2 months ago

    modern industrial

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    Ex Pereemental

    about 2 months ago

    WOW! Its sooo good •U•