Cover of track DarkDescendant-One Hour Challenge by DarkDescendant
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DarkDescendant, DarkDescendant-One Hour Challenge


This was a really fun challenge and i'm surprised how well the track turned out! Started at 10:35 in case you're wondering.

My experience:

This sterted off pretty good with getting the melody and beat done in less than 10 min but then I had to filter and add a synth and some FX which took up a lot of time and then the drop was done in less than 20 min and then in the last 10 min I had, I added a sub, mastered and added eq and edited the wobble! In the end, this was epic and a very great challenge whether you're comptetive or have time on your hands, I reccomend you try it Sorry about the bad drop btw but time beat me there :P Anyway, hope you have as much fun listening as I did making this! Enjoy!

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    about 5 years ago

    Nice one! I like the sounds you used for this, and the sound effects are pretty impressive for only having a short amount of time to work on the track.