Tried to incorporate some new elements..trying to desperately improve my pulv sounds..any advice would be great!

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  • Thank you guys,,, not my fav track..only kept it for the synths haha

  • Really nice track, great chill out mood.

  • Love the percutions! Nice groove!

  • ya the chords seem kinda out of tune, interesting new elements in here i agree. i think panning is fine honestly. nice ideas but i dont know what i could tell you to help pulv making really. im a beginner kinda after all, but i only dont like one pulv thats it but everything else is fine. for me to make something like this would be a big step up for me i think so congrats on this track :) 20 favorites :O and yes ive also heard that loop about a thousand times

  • yeah i changed my avatar and my mastering was completely screwed up for this song bass-wise and pan-wise..thank you for pointing that out for me too! I have a tendency to forget to adjust my pans on the pulv sometimes

  • nice work here. There seems to be to much in my right ear.

    But other than that. its great. I think I used to follow you with a different account. Did you change your avatar.

  • This is nice. Some of the gliding sounds sound a little out of tune at times. I wonder how many tracks here use the "Splinter in your mind" oneshot. I've already heard three XD.

  • Very very goood track

  • BTF

  • I agree. Nice job overall. Balnace of sound is difficuly to master. I'm still trying! This track is good though. You should be proud.

  • i love this track! good job with pulvs!

  • Thanks guys, still trying to perfect my bass and more :p

  • i dont know if its just me or the chords that are playing throughout it are really out of tune sounds weird but really nice bass i agree with olaf maybe take the bass down a tad. but nice vocals in there sounds really dreamlike and interesting nice work!!!

  • :D

  • nice work TopHat.