the beginning of a new direction



and i'll melt

before i say that

it came down

to a broken switch that meant nothing to me

it ought to be


that's not part

of the contract

i stood down

and i salvaged all the things that i could see

it ought to be


if you're lost

in the forecast

settle down

make your bed and hold your breath and count to three

it ought to be


it's alright

if it hurts still

let it out

i swear to god i didn't mean to see

it ought to be


i worked within boundaries

i kept within timelines

i slept in your basement

it ought to be worth it

i opened the curtains

i fought through the weather

i talked until sunrise

it ought to be worth it

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  • I love this track.

  • im back,

  • I love this <3

  • work with what you have

    try ur hardest even if u fail

    how else would you know?

    just find a way to keep going in a different way each time something happens, but dont change you are type shit

    thats the vibe i get

    very cool message if true

    very nice work 3d circle

    • prolly wrong

      just my interpretation

      art do be like that

  • special

  • Alright, you did it, I'm crying.

  • the claps at the end 👌

    • I keep coming back, this is a masterpiece

  • Bandcamp core put me in my feels

  • yessir

  • i love this

    the tension building throughout and the reverby vast-and-growing soundspace sorta puts you in the middle of this tractor beam shooting up to heaven, and you're ascending and ascending, and all your memories are flailing around you, nearly crushing your body, until you're rushed all the way up in a zip without warning into a lake of nothing. just floating, watching ripples swim away endlessly

  • this is so damn emotional oml

  • Oh yes. this is really good

  • Mom new sphere just dropped

  • cool and good

  • Why the fuck do you sound like the singer from Blue October