Cover of track DnB 2 by Davias
  • about 9 years ago
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Davias, DnB 2


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    about 9 years ago

    @PsykACID You are right, there is still a bunch of work here :)

    But I wanted to demo it to a friend, and I didn’t know how to share a track without making it public. I’m new to Audiotool.

    Anyway thanks for the com, appreciated. I’m sure there is a lot to get out from this wonderful app, and thanks to Andre Michel for making my afternoons at work so musically richs :D

    moments ago

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    about 9 years ago

    I just love the tone for the distortion... great 8bit like sounds. If I have something criticize about this track, is the fact that it is too much information going on at the same time, this make the track a little confusing, maybe you should work more with the timeline features to give some space on the song, besides that... great work man, keep producing. Give a comment about my track too, I would love to hear about my stuff too. Boooom