remix of the no-listening-experiment.

the end of the beginning because I'll probably make more minimal technoish tracks like this and fewer dnb tracks.

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  • civilizations

  • The bassline is a bit unclear at the start (low filtering)

    But the buildup is great and it start to get clearer after a minute or so.

    Very nice minimal sound.

    Ever in need of some Original Pad/Synth sounds, i can deliver ;)

  • choir sound is what i really dig here!

  • Nice track man. Love ur minimal techno-like stuff. But i would miss ur dnb man. Dont neglect the dark dnb side. Its very powerfull

  • .... sorry ... listen ... favorite

  • Republished

    pic change

  • Third part not in progress but will be... Still have a whole new week to finish this :)

  • Republished

    more small changes... waiting for new inspiration

  • The sndbrgn pads sound excellent too!

  • The percs are perfect. Perfectly placed randomness. My fave. :)

  • So different then last time i listened :)

    Dnb gone ... hello techno :)

  • :) thx Andr√© .... Do check back in a week or so when it's finished

  • Luke Slater? yeah. Btw I listend now, love it

  • But not tonight... Off to hear Luke Slater!

  • Sample of one of dafburgen's tracks. yhat's probably why :) Will do more with fx introduce it better. Maybe cut it up... Also not sure if it is the right pad for the beat. Still experimenting.