This was continuation of another song which i was very not sure, i put a sound design to give any effect and improved slightly in some places the beats ... i hope you like!

please comment :))

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  • Fantastic :)

  • Big track. I like

  • Yes, that's right. A good track doesn't need to be filled with automations and crazy synth setups. It's really about personal style and your ability to make what you have work :).

  • @beathop Thank you usually i do not make really complex music, I do not think you need make a music complex for that it becomes good, and Pulve was the last one I learned to move, and today i still learn!!!!

  • nice ;)

  • NICE!

  • Nice! Well done!

  • Thanks to alllllllll!!!!!

    @Beathop - was suddenly, I was ready to re-publish until I saw the music in ''HOMEPAGE'' :)) is very cool, hehe

  • yes nice work

  • Yeah man, it's awesome ;)

  • nice sounds!

  • nice sound effects.....

  • nice!

  • Really well done

  • ____ __ _______ ____ _ ____ ___! (I'm speechless)