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-Add SubBass to first Drop


We Thought That We Could Take Shelter. We Thought That We Would Be Safe. We Thought That This Day Would Never Come...We Were so WRONG.

This is the Final Type of Negative Energy and By Far the Most Powerful. It Has Been Foretold That On This "DAY OF RECKONING" That Evereything in This Realm Will Persih From the Devastation. There Will Be No Hope, There Will Be No Mercy, and There Will Be No...SURVIVORS! That Day Has Arrived.


Ladies and Gentle-Audiotoolers, I present to you, "Doomsday', My Most DESTRUCTIVE Dubstep Track...EVAR!

I cannot describe to you guys what I went through when making this. All the blood, sweat, and pure SERVER-INDUCED RAGE that I have poured into this. But, In my opinion, that's what made this track so...so...MASSIVELY AMAZING. I had to completey reconstruct my "Gravistep" format, Come up with a New Bass synth, and I even threw in some unique effects (ex. Thunder/Tiger). I didn't really change much else from the old format. This complety outclasses both "Prime 4" and "Chronos 3" on the sheer scale of Eargasmic Basslicious-ness. Sadly, this is my Last "Gravistep" ever. Hope You Enjoy

Criticism is Appreciated :]


With This Land in Ruins, We Journey to the Origin of Negativity...

(P.S. Get Ready For a Drum & Bass MARATHON)


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