If you want to listen it good, you should have good speakers or good headphones. (No laptop speakers).

Nothing to say about it... Only that sometimes i think that i am lost in my mind.

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  • really nice sound design man :) was expecting drums to kick in at some point, but this is fine without em :D cool stuff

  • nice work delfe, i have a thunderstorm dislike as well but that's because i heard it to often..hell ,i know i used it somewhere. and a bit more depth/width would be..not especially better, but shurly more ambient ish.. er.. nice one bro.

  • excelente lo escuche tarde pero que muy bien n_n

  • Fantastic song :)

  • btw. I just listened to this one. this is what I mean with wideness. You could have a look inside ;) cheers

    Fading Away...

  • @Snadbrugen jajaj I appreciate your comments... Jajaja they are funny. Thanks i will try do it better.

  • hey man that's a good base. I'm not a huge fan of thunderstorm sounds but you can ignore that (my private obstinacy)

    I miss a little wideness in the track wich belongs to good ambient music in my opinion. But I like it alltogether

  • this is nice :)

  • xDD no tiene fe

  • Esa descripción, nos plagias por todos lados! JÁ

    Aún así está molona, aprendiendo del maestro :D

  • Close your eyes before listen it