Cover of track dronealpha piano (thx relaxing  machiniste compo) by Asclepeion
  • about 7 years ago
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Asclepeion, dronealpha piano (thx relaxing machiniste compo)


man i felt for this piano track sond amazing good ok its not like they original but sond good i thinks maybe not :( hehe still not shore ...

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    about 7 years ago

    hi freezedried, glad you found a use for those piano sounds. the song i made them for was 'changes of the elements'; i think your use is pretty awesome. you certainly are expressive in your experimental work. i've been following your for sometime. i don't know about you, but i love this audiotool! the people who made this deserve some kind of prize. peace.

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    about 7 years ago

    listen to my track new generation. and visit this haha it will help :)

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