This track was finished on December 21, 2016. I originally created the drums, bass, and synth lines on another music app. Eventually I came to the realization that I would not be able to share the song unless I transferred it to Audiotool. A few weeks after I began making the track I recorded the individual parts of the song onto Audiotool, saved them as samples, and assembled them into a completed track. The name was inspired by the fact that this track is mostly drums and a simple bass line, along with a few synths. You can remix this one if you want, but the layout is just a total mess and it will take a bit of work to figure out which device goes where and what region belongs to which track. Drummed Out is larger than Bit by Bit, at least in regard to the actual space occupied by devices. I used countless samples, three machinistes, one heisenberg, many exiters, one centroid, one minimixer, a merger, a crusher, tons of audio tracks, a Beatbox 9, and many other devices that I do not even remember the names of. Unlike Bit by Bit, I did not transform every part of the track into individual samples, nor did I bother to brand the samples i did upload with the song name. Anyway, enjoy! I plan to be making more tracks soon...

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