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  • Made me wiggle my fingers up in the air with reverse whistle sound straight away, yeah, Acid love brother ;)

  • GJ Sndbrg!!

  • claustrophobia

    • Ahh ok

    • it just sounds heavy and crushing to me, in a good way

    • I heard this in a Radiohead record review and understood it. What is claustrophobic about this one?

  • Loving the bass! Nice one Sandburgen.

  • Great work mate

  • banger track! this shakes my head and my brain :)

  • im like how did you do this? like not that its amazing, but it is!!! lol rlly work of art!

    • No, amazing is really not the right term. Thanks anyways

  • The beat and sounds on this are crazy good, it's amazing how simplicity can capture the mind. And the slowdown is mind boggling. This track seriously hypnotized me and I want more!!

  • very deep sound, love the low end, it feels so warm on my ears :~)

  • nice drums

  • nice cover

  • Republished

    some littles

  • oeoeoeoeoeoeoeoe geil~!!

  • Republished

    fatenized with christian chrom's awesome Heisenberg Kick