Does it ever get to you, that feeling that nobody's listening to your stuff and you need to do better in order to attract them? That sensation of unsatisfaction, inadequacy, incompleteness?

It got to me. I started a new account and left all my old stuff behind in an attempt to recalibrate or something. I'm pretty sure I left a ton of drafts unfinished, some on this one and some on my old login. I promised myself that I wouldn't be that dude that relied on presets anymore, the one who never got any plays or charted or whatever the hell.

But you know what the thing is about having people hear your stuff? You can't force it. It has to happen on its own, and you can only really hope for the best.

So I'm back now. Had my moment of demotivation, but shit, I'd rather make something I love and be the only person to hear it than to make nothing at all.

Thanks for listening and reading and just being here. It really means a lot.

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    about 2 years ago

    yo welcome!