[track 1]


Don't let this flop y'all I actually spent way to long on this collection.


Moody Lo-Fi, took a while to construct but overall i enjoy how it turned out. appreciate the support



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  • The drums are sooo nice! This is super good, doesn't even sound like audiotool anymore!

    • I'm so glad to hear that my music is pushing on a different level entirely, it's what I have strived for in my later projects so thank you man.

  • difficult to pick a favourite track in the album as all the tracks are very enjoyable so far, but i love the vibe in this one

    • thank u very much, yeah i had a feeling this would do well was very skeptical of adding it for the first track being a mix of experimental lofi but im fr proud u like them

  • this HAS to be one of my favorite beats of all time, truly a masterpiece my friend.

    • That's probably the best compliment I can get, seriously appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed the track

  • man that nick nack beat at 1:22 really had me going

  • Damn this is great! Amazing work!

  • woah this is really relaxing... i love this, okin!

  • a great start

    • The "start" of some new music

  • I love the slow build up of everything can I please remix this sir?!?!?!?!

  • really chill

    • appreciate the feedback soph

  • Love the bass line!

  • This is so relaxing really good stuff right here nice work <333

  • honestly feel like u should change the drums

    • eh tried it, dont match