Cover of track Earthbound (ExPe Remix) by ExPe (Done Producing)
  • about 1 year ago
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ExPe (Done Producing), Earthbound (ExPe Remix)

  • "future
  • "glitch"
  • earthbound
  • dnb
  • expe
  • melodic
  • competition
  • bass"
  • remix

Inspirations in this remix are from:

- Summer Was Fun

- aBstracT

- Kryptic


I'm really proud of this remix, so please give some critique and comments about it. What you like, don't like, what should be fixed/edited.

I'm tired of just getting "Nice!" comments. Your favorite alone tells me you're saying "Nice!"


This is more than likely going to be subject to a *few* more edits.

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    ExPe (Done Producing) about 3 months ago

    easily my most creative work imo

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    ExPe (Done Producing) Republished about 6 months ago

    lowered intensity of gate at 1:01 & 1:07 | took out snare at 1:12 and replaced with a ride and clap | added a reverbed kick (for bass enhancement) at 1:36

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    neo. about 6 months ago


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    ExPe (Done Producing) Republished about 6 months ago

    unmuted the random arpeggio solo in the beginning part of the intro because i like it

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    Head Trauma Romance about 1 year ago

    1:57 literally the most powerful switch I've heard on audiotool so far