Make sure to check out my other new songs as well, like Sayiamash and Vecteral. Enjoy.

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  • forgot about this

  • when of my favorites of yours...cramazing

  • If I could, I would marry your chords.

  • that chillwave drop :O

  • what even m8. those percs.. super glitchy intro stuff... super sick and inspiring. freakin love this, it's really unique



  • The only electronic song i've liked ever in my life! (If i'm mistaken that this song isn't electro, my apologies.)

  • No @6 3 5 s p o t s (Hiatus) ....the new laptop has acted like Super Kami Guru and unlocked his hidden potential locked away inside. Amazing track btw, i wish i could make hard hitting stuff like this my friend!!!! GEM <3

  • @Vassrvögel while I will point out that that is from "Dirty Harry", it is still Clint Eastwood, so points for you.

  • woah.

  • Cool one!

    (the only drawback is that pads because of audiotool's reverb plugin)

  • wow this has such energy in it!

  • fricken' insane