Cover of track Electric Love (MrNiceMusicGuy Remix) by MrNiceMusicGuy
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MrNiceMusicGuy, Electric Love (MrNiceMusicGuy Remix)


Hope you like this remix man! I loved this song from the beginning without me putting my ideas in this song, but maybe this will give me a chanse to be more famous in the community. Btw, it was increddible fun to do this remix and i´m really proud of my result.

And i must thank Infyuthsion for an amaizing song to remix and how much i have learned on this. :D

I have changed the bassline and melody, put in some synths and new melodies and a dubstep part, and in the ending i had some fun with the Rasselbock. The only thing i used from the original was the drums and the "Avicii synth". =)

And btw, the bass is a little bit out of tune, so i tuned it up a little. That maybe came from your midi when you recorded it :)

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