Eightiesish synthpop stuff.

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  • I'm listenig in 2016 I'm from the future lel

    • I'm listenig in 2022 I'm from the future future lel

  • refav, i've missed this

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    4. Tell people their top comments are unoriginal.

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  • ooh throwback eighties!!

  • Very, very legit.

  • Fav this comment if you're listening to this in 2016

  • funky

  • SEXY

  • 2000 play!

  • Due To Not having a real Computer. I have to use audio tool To make music on a chromeBook computer. Listening to this Track and other Tracks by you are inspiring! my favorite producer here

  • I like this much better then Stardrops.

  • Nice note work bro ;) like this one as well :)

  • man u are genius !!

  • @Kepz

    Luxior knows more game than you, stop acting cool xDDD

  • i really love this