Decided to take our now favorite dead nyan cat and turn him into a pirate. Not like this any good at all, actually. :P

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  • nice track.

  • Very nice work Lazarus you have always bee a favorite artist man beautiful :)

  • Nice remix. : )

  • Thanks.

  • this is actually super cool O.o pirate-y <3

  • All my friends hate how much indie music I listen to.

    I guess they just have no taste.

  • Thanks.

  • good laz :)

  • shpaple

  • Thanks Greyjoy, and you're very welcome Uprising.

  • very piratey, nice one.

  • thanks again for remixing :)

  • haha i dont know how half my stuf gets to where it is lol

  • Glad you do bud. I really can't explain how it tuned into a slow pirate like song.

  • i REAlly really love this