Cover of track Explosive 2.0 (SMNS Remix) by LeifOfTrees
  • about 6 years ago
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LeifOfTrees, Explosive 2.0 (SMNS Remix)


DANK U GUYZ for all DA support. This is only my second song and it is probably my best. Lezz see if we can get like maybe I don't know like 20 FAVS! It's kinda a little bit high for a little song but lezz aim HIGH!!!

This Is the second time I've remixed this song if you want to hear the Explosive (SMNS Remix) without the extra stuff I did to it this time just check my page and goto Explosive (SMNS Remix)! Hope you drop a FAV!

Remix of coughindesigns "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprits" *CHECK HIM OUT!!!*

Artwork at (link is only visible to registered users)

Remember to follow me because I got some awesome stuff coming up in the future!

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    about 6 years ago

    I think that coughindesigns did a good job on this song, but so did I!