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  • PART 2 WILL BE FRIDAY NEXT WEEK!!!! as a Spring Break ending.

    • who created this collection i damn forgot

    • who even invited me to this

    • fr

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  • when the v2

  • well never know who deleted my part and caused this to get cancelled

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  • wish i got invited to this :p

  • snapshot and assets go crazy

  • lmaoo everyone left this

    • nah theres still 5 people

  • there's so much subtle beef on this lmao

    • yeah we cool, sorry about accusing you of deleting my shit

      nomad told me you werent even on so it wasnt you so mb

    • Im good if u good

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  • Who did the first one cause I got u a placement with sheluvscotty

    • okay

    • Fs bro u can always find his SoundCloud too "sheluvscotty

    • you can dm cuz my tablet always dies because my brother never charges it _-_

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  • who removed uzeh?

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  • this is dumb as shit. who the fuck removed uzeh?? why the hell did you remove her parts. y'all dumb asf.

    • who tf removed uzeh cuz i damn sure didnt

    • y’all just noticing? nobody talked about it so i thought uzeh was removed for a reason. mf 5 minutes randomly cut off the end

    • well, it say he removed

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  • lets go! this charted

  • aye this charted

  • who made those last parts? kc?

    • i made the second last part, i think adderall did the end but im not 100% sure

    • and maybe 7even

  • that cover though

  • i like the second one, is there a way yall can publish these tracks separately or no

    • and yea only the owner can make multiple remixes and seperate them

    • wym second part

      put a timestamp so ik what you talkin bout