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  • so sexy

  • Rocket League style music. It has sick bounce, I love it!

    • same here. I'm lucky that I have a fast computer that can handle large drafts lmao

    • oh yea fsfs, but it doesnt work well with my workflow unfortunately

    • fair. You can also just make synths in a seperate draft and import them into the main draft. I have a gaming laptop so I don't have to do that, but I think things for me start bugging out after I have more than two dispersers in the same draft. For context, a disperser is like 8-16 curves

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  • I'm in a 90s arcade, with gaming sounds blasting from every corner.

  • why is this not #1 on singles

  • open download plz

  • gawd damn this slaps hard

  • no

  • that drops hard

  • The mixing was so well executed on this im hella proud of my self and Rixus

  • Should You Finish Your Other Drafts Lazer?

  • Bro it’s fire ash. Great

    Mixing and great drums. The way it changed sounds and timing is amazing. The drops were fire. The fills were perfect.

    • Ikr? This song is top tier fr Lazer is getting slept on At this point

  • Very good, I like it

  • i find it funny ad hell that nearly 50% of the devices on this collab was me making one synth

  • Oh now this is sexy!

    • Bro Lazer is amazing at Mixing samples and sounds to gether