First and foremost, this is more of a composition than a production, seeing as to how I exclusively used samples, along with my own presets and modulations. Many thanks to those whose samples I have used.

I made this song practically overnight, mastered it the next day, and i plan to mix it a little... because the vocals, I feel, need some changing-up. and the volumes on things probably need more tuning as well, but time will tell with that.

Created by a young man in America, inspired by a young woman in Taiwan :)

3/8/2013 Edit: Phaser added, Rasselbock added

3/11/2013 Edit: Effects added, track mixed, mastered, and finalized

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  • what a crazy start

  • this is different, but cool im guessing its kinda like a storyline on eventes (in sound)???

  • Interesting!

  • lol

  • thank you. by the time I was finished, i was so tired i didn't even know what to do with myself haha

  • Awsome!!!!

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