A feedback experiment Ambient Affected by freezedried's tracks. ( Attention : Mute Ch1 to stop sounds )

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  • btf :)

  • this it greatly awesome:)

  • great great track bring back memory ...where is yas ???

  • nice click effect thar. If you like this, check out my new ambient/ synth fusion track Ambi-theatre :)

  • nice

  • btf !

  • Nice!

  • Very nice. :)

    Visuals of a pendulum swinging back and forth as I listen to this as I'm sitting by I edge of a running water over rocks!

  • feels like time is going backwards...

  • PREEEEETTY! Oh it's you, Yas, so I'm not surprised. You tracks are all super beautifully abstract!!! It seems to follow no pattern, and it's so pretty! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!

  • thanks. I'll dig a bit more ;)

  • the experiment was a success

  • thx;)

  • Awesome sounds, Love the very subtle changes and the sound of water :)

  • thank you :)