Here's my high(er)-energy dubstep-house edit of Feelgood Vibes.

Sorry if it's mastered is welcome :)

Republish: Changed the filter on the synth pad, remastered some stuff

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  • nice


  • Different. I like it!

  • Awesome :)

  • Neat remix.

  • @Dis_pLAy

    Thanks! yeah i liked the original a ton, and i didnt want to change it too much so thats why :)

  • This is a good Remix My Friend I get a little Weary of INF remixes because it seams as though people will change one little clap and make it a snare then call it a remix Lol this actually Is a very good edit :) nice work :) i call it an edit really because it still maintains a lot of its original form for me to be a True remix .. but hella good

  • I was just listening to the original song, very good jjob!