Cover of track Voyage. (RMX COMP) by enc3ladus
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enc3ladus, Voyage. (RMX COMP)


A little faster paced than the last two.





1. You can use any DAW you want to remix this. (You have to tell which DAW you used)

2. NO PLAGIARISM (even the smallest edits and calling it your own counts as plagiarism)

3. Do your best!!!! We want to here all the things in this song to be amazing!!!

4. The cliche old "HAVE FUN"...


Due Date: September 10th, 2018


1st: Follow, Song in album, and a feature to the the best Audiotoolers.

2nd: Follow, Song in album, and feature.

3rd: Follow.

Make sure to submit your songs by the due date!

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