One More step to Greatness. Probably My Best Work Thus Far #NoSamplezz Tell me What you think in That Comment Section !

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  • nice definitely your best

  • Halloween came early this year >.> i like it. i do however believe that a little more variation would make this track easier to enjoy hearing over and over.

  • Sick track. Could maybe use a little more depth.

  • I just notices that you should add a lex luger fx

  • Love your perc work on this man.

    Yeah, try to make just a little more dynamic.

  • Cool beat bro, scary yet chill...

  • Although that i like this creepy atmosphere, i think the main line of the synth is kinda of repetetive bro. Still good job :)

  • Its not bad man, though, I find your other work a lot better!

  • Great drum work

  • cool

  • Its ok,keep it up:)

  • This is really good :))))))) buts its kinda repetitive.

  • Great job dude. Not your best work thus far, but one of them. As a judge i give you a 6.

    My fav song by you Sweet Remix gets a 9

  • Legit man