have at it

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  • this is still really good honestly

    crazy that this was made 7 years ago in flash audiotool

  • omfg i forgot about this crazy-ass switchup at the drop

  • that drop caused me to ejaculate within my pantaloons


  • This is my favorite songs of yours. I know you do original work so I was wondering what tools you use to create your music. I've only been using samples and would like to start doing original work.

  • Trap and Bass at its finest. I'm in love with this

  • YES!!!

  • How have I not listened to this?! This is swerg yo!

  • Holy shit man! This is great.

  • Woh Woh!! listening to this shit again haha

  • cant get enoughn of this!!!

  • that bass

  • Oh... dude...

  • Fucking amazing.