recorded over a series of late nights. could use some more work but the deadline got me

pictured is one of my old dogs shortly before she passed away a couple of years ago. i had the wrong film in the camera when i took that pic lol. she was probably around the same age i was around that time, so 19/20 or so. we got her when i was around 3, crazy to think that this dog saw me grow up

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  • would love to take my old vocals off and make something entirely new over this instrumental- this is so gorgeous it’s criminal

    • pls do!

      I also have more ideas for this 👀

  • Beautiful

  • she looks like a sweet dog. Glad you got to grow up with her.

    also your guitar work always sounds so clean.

    • i try to keep it simple, laptop mic and DI go brr

      also knowing your parts ahead of time and double tracking does wonders

  • beautiful

  • Indie asff 😥

  • Holy

    • This better win damn it