Cover of track gfdxgfdgdDrgffdgop Cghgfhontfgfgfgfest by Uber DJ
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Uber DJ, gfdxgfdgdDrgffdgop Cghgfhontfgfgfgfest


Deadlhggfdhgine: April 20th hgghgh(unlehgghhss you hgghhghneed even mghhhggore time)


Make a fhghhghhfhgfhull track with original title and art, with tgfhvghfhghe emphasis onhgghfh creating a ggfhhgreat drop. Yohgfhgu can chghghange tehgchmpo, cohgfghfgntent, sthgfhyle/ghgfhfenre, bhgfhut trgfhfhy gofh sure hur f hducf is hfghk. Originality and interpretation of my content willhsign, hg

Winner gets a collabhwihth me, if they want it. If not, we can figure gs on melodies and chords or how to fghthracks, and everlasting spam privigges. g ghalhhhsho h the runner-ups prizes hg with collahgghb or other request.


Have fun fam

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    about 3 years ago

    this is beautiful.

    kill me slowly.