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  • wow I like the drums at the beginning.. :)

  • I love it!

  • that bass is great!

  • Remarkable track! There is the clear feeling of happiness in the second part) which so does not have us( And is it possible I will play this track on Birthday my friend?

  • Quand j'√©coute cette musique en observant l'image, j'ai l'impression d'entrer dans l'image vers un autre espace...

    C'est super!!!

  • I need to start listening to your stuff when I draw. This stuff really gets my noggin' bouncing.

    Love it :D

  • great

  • i really liked the beginning and that melody that starts at 2.27 and how the track builds up in that part! Thanks a lot for remixing my song! It really has classic Astrum sounding in it ;)

  • I just started playing it and it got my head bouncing to the beat :) nice groove.