Today, we mourn the loss of the greatest soldier known to the annals of AudioTool history.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was his cyberbullying record.

Stay far away from AT, and the youth on discord.

Rest in penis, vizil. You live forever on in our hearts and minds, guiding us through the dark wood of online warfare.


"So what if i'm different?

i'm so special and different..."

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  • i sill dont know what vizil did

    • was an asshole, harassed people and was creepy to minors (though nothing illegal that I can personally confirm)

      Kinda wish this would serve as a warning to e-daters lol

    • me neither

  • w song

  • who is he again

    i forgot

    • On a more serious note, i didn't know what happened but reading the comments, it feels like several people were affected by his behaviours, and it's a good thing that the community take care of itself to remain welcoming and centered around only one thing : music

  • "Vizil is kil"


    • all that matters is that he's not on here

  • one of the few songs on audiotool i know off by heart lol

    must have listened at least 40 times

  • We have been messaged by the Audiotool Illuminati. I cannot say much, other than there are big things to come. The future is bright.

    • Hey, we said not to tell anyone

    • Fluent has “seen the light”

      Let him into the 33rd degree, my brothers

    • So the legends are true after all

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  • As a general statement:

    We have love for all AT users and members of the community.

    Kindness and fairness is a must, no matter what you think of someone

    This track was made as a response to years of bullying, homophobic remarks, and other much worse allegations. We personally do not stand for this.

    We hope that interactions like we mentioned never occur again on the site or outside, and that we can remain united as a community to focus on what matters: music

    Thank you all,

    - Bootyclub

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  • was really hoping the comment section on this would be more fun.

    • sorry papi for i shidded my pants again, will not happen again

    • fr

    • Retweet 😪

  • even grimebot showed up

  • sad

  • fuck vizil

  • this is beautiful

  • Cya never, at no time will be missed.

  • Sampled psych2go lol