Today, we mourn the loss of the greatest soldier known to the annals of AudioTool history.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was his cyberbullying record.

Stay far away from AT, and the youth on discord.

Rest in penis, vizil. You live forever on in our hearts and minds, guiding us through the dark wood of online warfare.


"So what if i'm different?

i'm so special and different..."

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    even grimebot showed up

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    I don't know what to say. But I'm assuming he's using an alt account and sees all of the updated comments. However, if he does see my message. I want you to know that you've hurt a lot of my peers, and your apologies are meaningless to me. I hope you find out someday that your words and actions do matter. But all in all, I wanted to tell you all that I myself have grown from the things he said to me, being that I started on the website back in 2016. He was the worst critic of mine.

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      I'm not involved in it, you can ask someone in dms, they may know more than me. @jdog123476

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      where can i see all the fucked up shit he said if u dont mind me asking

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    As a general statement:

    We have love for all AT users and members of the community.

    Kindness and fairness is a must, no matter what you think of someone

    This track was made as a response to years of bullying, homophobic remarks, and other much worse allegations. We personally do not stand for this.

    We hope that interactions like we mentioned never occur again on the site or outside, and that we can remain united as a community to focus on what matters: music

    Thank you all,

    - Bootyclub

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    fuck vizil

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    this is beautiful

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    Cya never, at no time will be missed.

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    yuki ☮

    Sampled psych2go lol

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    Although Vizil had his, downsides, he was a pretty decent dude (to me at least).

    Great track to mourn his loss tho lol.

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    Vizil's gone?

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    666th play

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    what a fucking banger

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    I don't know much about the situation regarding this, but boy this is lit.


    >that guitar at the latter half

    Take my like.

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      sim knows how to work with guitar and bass like no other

      and naswalt too

      naswalt great with guitars too xd

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      ye, i just did the ambient bits in the middle and the solo at the end tho. @naswalt did all the other guitar parts

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      Wait, did @Sim do the guitar parts?

      If true, props to him!

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    W cover art

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    56 likes in a day oh dang my goodness-