same as title

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  • drums are groovy

  • Cool !

  • thanks to all!

  • You know, I don't feel like my 11mins were wasted =)

    Sounds like a laid back jam session, nice bass groove

  • Extremely cool :)

  • Nice

  • This track got a strange ambience man, but I like it. The toms make this track even cooler.

  • @Tantrum I know there is so much to listen on this site that 11 minutes is a long time, I just didn't feel like short'n in, thanks for listening and commenting!!! it's much appriciated : )

  • this is really special. so chilled. wow. i think most people would have stopped listening after a while tho cause of its length. great work tho!

  • hehehe

  • Woah this is chill as i don't know what...i didn't know audiotool songs could be this long...

  • unexpected great work n_n

  • thanks everybody, super that you listened to my track realy appriciate this, :)

  • just chill!! i like tath