holy crap I love the space synth.

Also, I'm not really 100% sure how exactly it works yet.

Here's a track with nothing but space.

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    mavis 4 days ago

    did you make the drums in space??????


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    abstract 3 days ago

    the bomb <3

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    E-trim 1 week ago

    This is nice man. Love the 80's vibe.

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    xom 1 week ago

    and all with the new space synth. this is so cool lol

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    Snowfire 1 week ago

    Noice. I'm probably not going to touch the Space until i'm confident I have at least some idea of what I can and can't do with it.

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      naswalt 1 week ago

      nah dude, just play around with it. If anything, keep hitting the randomize until you find something cool and just look at what the settings are. ( I may be guilty of this very counterproductive process )