Cover of track Habitat: Laziness

bbbb by DosRico
  • about 1 year ago
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DosRico, Habitat: Laziness bbbb

  • EDM
  • fuckboi

Bpm 300

Yep Im trying EDM

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    Jozuah_21 about 1 year ago

    at 00:20 at 1/4 notes of edm bass drum for that bass.

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    neek about 1 year ago

    dont add so many notes on the drums. and stop using presets. pretty decent melody tho.

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    1ññ0¢3ñ† ¥0µ†h about 1 year ago

    at the end try to make the melody and beat sync together not apart also try putting a space at 00:20 to give it a cool effect and chords at the beginning that is usually key overall 10/10 :)

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    will_clay about 1 year ago

    good try making some sounds play through left or right speaker this will give a better effect if done correctly. the form is good but at some points it becomes out of sync im not saying im innocent of this as this happens to me . overall it is a good track

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    EvilxRane about 1 year ago

    *claps* this is great flows very well maybe try working with the volume controls on the audio boxes, other than that id say this is great